The key to a quality part is starting with quality materials made here in the USA. Second is using a quality process, such as ours. As with anything, not all products are created equal. Carbon fiber is woven and is delicate until liquid resin is infused into the fabric and allowed to cure over a mold. Inferior carbon fiber has weak strand structure, not as tight weave, and many times is improperly handled before use (mistakes such as folding instead of properly rolling it on a tube). Less than top quality resin can also produce deceptively good looking parts at first too. However, when exposed to the sun, normal use, or the elements (ie: road or sea salt) the resin holding the carbon fiber’s shape begins to yellow, appear cloudy, develop cracks, and can eventually fail.

Carbon Fiber sourced from Wisconsin:
Since the beginning in 2013 we’ve used Composite Envisions for our Carbon Fiber. We’ve found their carbon fiber is the best quality on the market. Their website,, has the detailed information explaining the specifications of their high grade carbon fiber and industry leading production techniques such as “Web-Lock.” In addition they never fold their carbon fiber. They always send it out carefully rolled on a tube, wrapped, and boxed.  If you have any doubt on the importance of using quality carbon fiber please read this 10 page article from Composites World Magazine on how technical the creation of carbon fiber fabric is.


Epoxy Resin sourced from California:
Also since 2013, we’ve used Max epoxy resin from Polymer Composites Inc. They too are experts in the industry. Their website is They show their extensive testing of their products and comparison to the competition. Such as sunlight exposure, fracture resistance, strength testing, and heat testing compared to the competition at:
Composite Envisions and Polymer Composites Inc both have granted permission for us to share that we use their specific products in the Carbon Fiber parts we make. This does not mean they endorse our work or our product.