Nothing is more frustrating than “contact us for a free quote.” That usually means they’re so expensive you shouldn’t bother. We’re not like that. So here’s examples of some of our past work and pricing. Be sure to click on the close up pictures to see the quality of our 100% carbon fiber work (click the picture a second time for a very close up). Our optimized vacuum bag process allows us to use top quality materials and still offer affordable prices.

You likely have an idea to make something that isn’t listed. No problem. Still browse the variety of our past work below to get an idea on what it might cost or contact us. What generally makes a part more expensive is if it has a complex shape requiring more than one mold. A small, flat, accent piece like in the center of this headlight we did would only cost $40 shipped to you.

A gun stock we made (not all of them) required four separate pieces and cost $1,500. (click links for details and pricing)

100% Carbon Fiber heel guards for motorcycles.

100% Carbon Fiber gun stocks.

100% Carbon Fiber switch plates, blinkers, tail lights, dashes, headlights, etc

100% Carbon Fiber body panels, motorcycle sub-frame, fairings, and cowl

Black Dog Carbon Fiber Works