After checking out our process, the high quality materials we use, and our work and example pricing we hope you are confident we are the best shop to make your carbon fiber part.
Before ordering:
We stand behind the quality of our work. So if you get your carbon fiber part from us and if it ever fails in it’s intended use, mail it back with the receipt and we will make a new one free of charge. see our disclaimer for details.
How to order:
1.) email us at or through
our contact form and let us know what you’d like to order. Please include include a picture of what you’d like made if possible. We’ll respond with the price with tax and shipping cost included so you will have no unexpected costs.
2.) You will likely have to mail the part you would like made to our shop so we can make the mold to then make your 100% carbon fiber part from it.
3.) After up to 60 days we will have the part finished. It takes so long because of our detailed process and finishing work.
4.) Once the part is finished we can send you pictures and accept Pay-Pal payment and then mail the part to you. If you are not happy with the part we will do what we can to make it right.

-We can provide free picture texts or email updates to you throughout the process start to finish upon request.

-We usually take payment upon completion of the part and then mail it to you. For large projects costing over $500 we request you provide half the payment up front.