We offer long lasting, high quality, 100% Carbon Fiber parts at an affordable cost. We’re an American Shop who uses American made carbon fiber and resin.

We worked for 5 years perfecting our practice in carbon fiber to make the best parts possible in the most efficient manner with the highest quality materials.

Our unique and optimized vacuum bag process allows us to provide better parts at a better price. We can make almost any part you’d like out of carbon fiber start to finish. Whether it’s a vehicle accessory, air intake, part for your boat, gun stock, trim piece, RC car or drone parts, or even a chair. Prototypes or production. We can custom paint your part or place decals you want on it. Either way, we clear coat all our parts for no added cost to protect them.

We require no minimum order, so we’re perfect for those looking to customize what they love.

We provide example pricing and show detailed pictures of some of our past work that shows we don’t cut corners.  Browse our site and feel free to contact us with any questions. We offer great customer service and are happy to serve any order.